What’s in a name?

When brain storming names that I could use as both a blog and business name, I knew that I didn’t want to use my own name like so many others. My parents gave me a name that while I love, most people either miss-spell or miss-pronounce it. (Elissa pronounced like “Elise-a”).

I have always admired simple strong names. Think Fendi, Chanel, Patio, Husk, Habitat etc. I wanted something that wouldn’t pigeon hole me into a look. After all, designing for other people is about reflecting them; and not about imposing your own style.

When I think of the word Sable, I see it as a colour. Take chocolate brown and add some grey to muddy it up. It’s a neutral with some substance and power. It is also a fur (eeek.. sorry to animal lovers. It relates to a time gone by) so think old Hollywood glamour, where to own such a thing would be indulgent, luxurious, and make you feel like a million dollars.