Property Development

We worked with the builder and his business partner, using the builder’s preferred suppliers and working around products that had already been selected. The brief was to achieve a high-end finish for low-cost, using colours and finishes that would appeal to the broadest market possible.

The following work was undertaken:

  • Interior wall, ceiling and trim paint colour selection. (Only one colour scheme throughout, meaning no feature walls etc.)
  • Carpet selection
  • Floorboard selection
  • Kitchen cabinetry and stone top selection
  • Exterior front door paint colour
  • Wood stain selection
  • Secondary render colour selection which needed to work with previously selected main render colour, roof, gutters, downpipes and garage door chosen by the builder.

The main render colour had already been selected, along with the Colourbond roof, gutters and garage door, but the client wasn’t happy with the overall effect. As a result, I was asked to add a second render colour to break up the expanse and create a harmonious buffer between the garage door and main render colour.