Styling for sale

The owner of this two-bedroom weatherboard cottage asked me to help prepare the property for sale. We agreed on a plan of possibilities, but in order for most of these to happen some major de-cluttering would need to be done. The owner put a huge effort into de-cluttering and that itself made a massive difference.

We agreed to paint the front door, both inside and out, and the entry hallway. We also painted the picture rail in the blue master bedroom and heavily added white to the room to order to tone down the blue, and brighten an otherwise dark room. It faced a huge back boundary brick wall with only a sliver of a corridor of outside space.
Adorned with a couple of new purchases (silver picture hooks, white mirror and four black photo frames) and borrowed items, the hallway looked warm and inviting. The architectural features of the picture rail, cornice, high ceilings and floorboards were now shown to their full potential.

When the marketing photos were being shot, the Real Estate Agent stated that they normally don’t take photos of entries or hallways, but would make an the exception for this one!

Beyond the styling and decorative work undertaken, we decided to illustrate what the new owner could do to add value to the property. We not only drew up the current floor plan in CAD for the agent’s marketing brochure and use in internet advertising, but also created another A4 floor plan that showed the possibilities the house had. Many people aren’t able to use their imaginations to reorganise the space, but if you illustrate this for them in black-and-white, we honestly believe it will create more interest and, in turn, more competition for your home.

The house sold in four days. The first open house resulted in two offers. One offer at the level five agents had predicted (post-styling) and the second offer at $15,000 more! All in a falling market!